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When you've been injured in an accident, problems can add up quickly. Maybe you can't work and medical bills are piling up. Our personal injury law firm can help you seek compensation for your financial losses.

We offer free consultations for personal injury cases. Our personal injury attorney will review your situation and advise you on your legal options. Some of our major cases we helped clients recover damages include:


An injury sustained during a medical test resulted in lower back surgery

$240, 000

An accident caused a compression fracture and head injury

You can rely on our personal injury law firm to give your case the attention it deserves and fight for fair compensation.

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Build a Strong Defense for Your Legal Case

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Whether you've been accused of a crime or are working through a divorce agreement, having an experienced attorney advocating on your behalf will help make the process less stressful. A general practice attorney from Joe E. Williams Law can help with a variety of legal matters, including family law, personal injury law, estate planning law and criminal law cases.

Our attorney will help by...

  • Reviewing your case and explaining your legal options
  • Making sure the legal procedure is followed properly
  • Representing you in court and arguing for the best possible outcome
  • Advising you of your rights in the event that you are injured

Our law firm has been representing clients in the Macon, GA area since 1977. We have the knowledge and experience to defend your rights. Make an appointment to speak with our criminal and family law attorney today.

Probate a will properly

There are many legal steps to take when enacting the last will and testament of a loved one. A probate attorney from Joe E. Williams Law can help you get through the legal process with as little stress as possible.

Our attorney will help make sure you get everything done properly, from signing documents to filing forms. An experienced attorney will help you avoid legal issues, delays and unnecessary fees during the probate process.

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